Who is Edu?

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Who is Edu?

2 29" monitors
2 video players
2 video channels, without audio

In the middle of a dark room, one observes two 21" monitors on a black pedestal at eye-level. The monitors are placed at an angle of 90º. One sees a video that presents, at regular intervals, portraits of the artist and of male Hollywood stars. From the center of the monitor, the heads, against a dark background, enlarge and face in the direction of the viewer. Each image freezes for approximently three seconds.

Alternatly, one sees a set of pictures of the artist and a set of pictures of different stars. The continuous video is played with time delay on both monitors in such a way that the following combination of images appear: artist + stars, stars + stars, artist and artist. Since the monitors are positioned at a 90º angle, the monitors' reflections reveal, at times, multiple portraits.

With this work, the artist wants to demonstrate the phenomenon of hyper-reality. Pushed by the media, the stars represent high reputation, sex- appeal and beauty. The video installation shows the search for the famous role models from the media and the possible identification with them. In a row of 'model' images, the artist poses in different ways as glamorous as the stars do with the intention of integration. Who am I?







a cube names dado with pictures over it a cube names dado with pictures over it